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Medical Programs

In Pedia Care Clinic, there is a program for child care to monitor his psychological and motor evolution and its growth through organizing periodic meetings with the doctor. We are distinguished by providing overall monthly check of the child health status and doing the pre-school basic tests and examinations.
By joining this program, you will learn many ways to the correct first aid, including:
1-How to cardiopulmonary resuscitation for children
2-What we do in the event of danger
3-The risks that can be exposed to the child in and out of the house
4-The necessary precautions for the security and safety of the child
In the case of the inability of parents to bring their child to be examined in the clinic, Pedia Care Clinic gives due care to this and is happy to provide the necessary home care program as needed. All you can do is to contact us and make an appointment and Pedia Care Clinic will be within your hands at home. Our services also in the home care program includes vaccination, different sampling analysis and all other things that a sick child might need.
In Pedia Clinic Care, we encourage and support breastfeeding as the primary source to feed the child in the first six months and help you know the correct status of breastfeeding and first aid for your child. the contents of this program:Read More »

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