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Newborn care and Breastfeeding program

In Pedia Clinic Care, we encourage and support breastfeeding as the primary source to feed the child in the first six months and help you know the correct status of breastfeeding and first aid for your child. the contents of this program:

Get to know about your child's doctor by holding awareness sessions with the pediatrician

Holding sessions from the seventh month of pregnancy with a psychiatrist ,who in turn psychologically rehabilitate the parents how to deal with a new baby

invitation to attend awareness lectures on how to care for the child health and his education

rehabilitate the mother psychologically to receive the baby, rest her assured and reply to all her questions.

An educational program for mothers in particular in her first pregnancy to be aware of how to deal with newborn baby.

Give the mother a full explanation of everything that can be offset by difficulties in the early days of breastfeeding and how to overcome them.

How to prepare for breastfeeding and its importance.

Table of breastfeeding and its importance.

maternal nutrition (what is forbidden and what is allowed)

Explain to the mother What are the of natural and non natural symptoms of the new born in the early stages especially the first three months, which is considered the most difficult period in dealing with the new baby.

The importance of periodic follow-up for the newborn in the first six months and stressed the importance of vaccinations


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