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Plastic Surgury

Fractional Co2 Laser, Carbon Laser, Plazma Injection,Hair removal (Deka), Botox, Mesowhiting, Mesolipo, face & cheek Threads .

  • Fractional Co2 Laser
    1-Peeling of the skin is superficial and deep
    2-The freshness of the fleshy and thick pores
    3-Reduce pigmentation
    4-Treating the effects of acne
    5-Relieve surgical scars
    6-Relieve acne scars
    7-Relieve / improve strech marks
    8-Removal of skin reagents, Supply of chives
  • Carbon Laser
    1-The freshness of the fleshy and thick pores
    2-Thinning of pigments and costs
    3-Remove tattoos
    4-Leprosy hair
    5-Relieve and treat birth defects
    6-Reduce skin fat
    7-Treatment for skin redness and rosacea (rosacea)
    8-Pinyenes of Lips
  • Plazma Injection
    1-Rejuvenate skin cells
    2-Stimulate hair growth in the head
    3-Treat pigmentation and give freshness to the skin
    4-Relieve simple expressive lines
  • Deka Hair removal (DEKA)
    1-Relieve and remove excess hair in the body
    2-Treatment of blood capillaries and varicose veins on the skin surface
  • Botox
    A protein that works to relax the tight muscles and hide the expressive lines and have the benefits of reducing excessive sweating in the armpit, hands, feet and scalp by affecting the nerve endings, and reduce its impact on the glands, the duration of work 4 - 6 months.
  • Filler
    A filler of Heronic Acid works to fill expressive lines and fill the lips, cheeks, chin and jaw for 4-6 months
  • Mesowhiting
    A group of vitamins and minerals to lighten the skin by disabling the work of melanin overload in some areas and therefore the skin cells are more brilliant through injection direct injection or Alderma Ben,
  • Mesolipo
    These are minerals and enzymes that help dissolve the subcutaneous fat cells through direct injection. The sessions are held every 4 weeks
  • face & cheeck Thereads
    It works on stimulating the cells of the skin to produce collagen or else not sixty, and thus works on the face or tightening the cheeks and works to identify and highlight the muscles that are injected threads over the period of one year - a year and a half
  • Mezo eye
    Vitamins and amino acids injected under the eye to lighten the surrounding eye and relieve the high lines under the eye is done sessions of 6-8 sessions between each session and sitting 10-14 days


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